There are some essential core elements in a Method of Vienna performance:

  1. one question: choose a “hot”, current topic that´s interesting for the speakers, the artists and the audience
  2. four speakers
  3. art – as for example music, dance, poems, visual arts – related to the question of your event – you can either invite musicians, dancers, poets, light artists, actors, clowns, – any kind of performing and visual artists – or simply consult your personal music library for titles that fit the topic, or even create your own music, dance and poems. Please, feel invited to consider all areas of art and enjoy the process of experimenting!
  4. It´s always superb to have an audience, but you can also create an event “just” for the fun of the speakers – without the conventional definition of an audience! Together with your family, friends or colleagues, just go for it!
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