What is a Method of Vienna performance?

An event with at least four speakers who present their points of view reflecting upon a chosen question.

1 question + 4 speeches + music + (poetry + dance) + 1 decision (conclusion) =

MoV performance

Four speeches and one decision (conclusion) are framed by music, based on the structure of a unique Viennese event known as “Accademia di Dame”.

Dance and poetry can always enrich the performance. It´s up to you and your possibilities to decide if your MoV event might proceed with or without dance and/or poetry.



What do I need to create a MoV performance?

There are some essential core elements in a Method of Vienna performance:

  1. one question: choose a “hot”, current topic that´s interesting both for the speakers and the audience
  2. four speakers
  3. music, dance and poems related to the question of your event – you can either invite musicians, dancers and poets who might be happy to be hired to contribute to the performance, or simply consult your personal music library for titles that fit the topic, or even create your own music and poems. Music and speeches are essential elements of the event; poems and dance can enormously enrich the event. It´s always superb to have an audience, but you can also create an event “just” for the fun of the speakers – without the conventional definition of an audience! Together with your family, friends or colleagues, just go for it! Just enjoy the process of experimenting!                                                                                                       For more information please contact info@methodofvienna.com
Who can create a MoV performance?

Everybody, all you need are four people who are willing to discuss a question using the MoV format.

How do I create a MoV performance?
  • Four speakers present their points of view on a selected question, musicians and poets contribute to the event within their channels of perception, reflecting upon the question with their chosen tools of art.
  • The performance can either be private or accessible to the public – a rhetorical and musical gift for all who wish to hear and watch it.
  •  The organizer receives the Method of Vienna framework as a gift to create his or her unique event in recognition of the MoV format and the principle of the freedom of speech and expression in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The local organizer decides whether the performance is free or an admission fee is charged. The organizer is responsible for the financial and legal consequences of his or her event and agrees to act in accordance with the respective laws. The authors and artists are owners of their contributions and are responsible for the content.
How long does a MoV performance last?

There are no rules regarding the duration and the number of breaks during the event. Even 5 Minutes-MoV-performances can be fun! The original “accademia di dame anno 1697” took at least two hours.


Which music shall I choose?

It´s up to you to choose the music for your MoV performance. Feel free to experiment with each genre you are considering! Keep an eye out for the author’s rights: as an organizer you agree to be responsible for respecting author’s rights according to national and international law. When using CDs or any other digital media, act in accordance with the rules of national and international royalty collecting agencies.

Method of Vienna merely offers the format, you choose the content.

Do I need a conclusion (decision) at the end of a MoV performance?

Yes, the event ends with a conclusion (decision), but it´s up to you to choose which way it should go. You can either leave the conclusion to a designated person who contributes to the performance with an extra speech (the way it was handled 300 years ago), or you can ask the members of your institution to elect a representative who will make the decision for you, or you can conclude your event with the decision to live without a conclusion. Choose the method that fits to your institution and your means! Do not hesitate to contact Susanne Abed-Navandi if you need help to get you started.


How can I support and promote Method of Vienna performances in my city and around the world?

Come up with your own unique way to create a MoV performance, get others involved, let the people around you know what´s going on. Do not hesitate to contact Susanne Abed-Navandi if you need help get you started.  (info@methodofvienna.com).

Who is behind the idea of MoV events?

Method of Vienna is the result of a challenge faced by artist Susanne Abed-Navandi on how to transfer a baroque concert format into the 21st century. Enjoy the freedom of creation within a beautiful historical format!