There are a few core requirements which are inherent to a Method of Vienna performance, explained on the How to create a MoV performance page and in the Frequently Asked Questions. The rest is up to the creativity, ingenuity and invention of the performers and organizers themselves.

1 question + 4 speakers + music + (poetry + dance) + 1 decision (conclusion) =

MoV performance

By creating your MoV performance you need to take the following considerations into account:

  1. Use the tools and format of a Method of Vienna performance
  2. Choose the format of your event:
    — either make the performance accessible to the public
    — or create your own private event
  3. In both cases you become the creator of a MoV performance and are responsible for the choice of your question and the financial framework for your event.
  4. In case your performance is private, try to make the performance as accessible as possible to the members of your institution.
  5. The MoV framework is a gift, please treat it as such. As a speaker and artist you keep all rights of your contributions and take on responsibility for the contents you chose for the MoV performance.
  6. Make sure that the event is in accordance with local event laws, international copyright and the rules of royalty collecting agencies. If you’d like to share photos or videos on the Method of Vienna Instagram pages, make sure you have the right to publish photos or movies on the internet. Organizers and performers are invited to announce their performances on our webpage (date / place of performance / question / institution). Please Email to if you would like to participate!

For more information, including answers to questions about social media, website, and legal issues, we encourage the organizers to read our FAQ including the guidelines.