The artistic project Method of Vienna (MoV) invites people to create performances using a format of communication that is new to our era, borrowed from an extraordinary event that took place in Vienna, Austria, about 300 years ago.

MoV format

1 question + 4 speeches + music + (poetry + dance) + 1 decision (conclusion)  = MoV performance

Method of Vienna events can be used

  • as a pedagogical tool
  • as an entertaining tool for rest and recreation
  • as a new platform or concert format for science, politics and art.

MoV events can be created as performances for companies, private communities such as friends or families, as well as within public institutions and conferences.

As soon as you have found four speakers willing to present their points of view on a selected question, you can start to create a MoV performance.

Method of Vienna can be considered as an invitation to celebrate different points of view in the presence of artists who build a framework for different speeches and contribute to the event with music, poetry and dance.

Method of Vienna merely offers the format – you choose the content!